Indiana Republican Announces Plans for ‘Anti-Woke Caucus’ in the House

Indiana Republican Representative Jim Banks reportedly plans to launch an anti-woke caucus by the end of the month to push back against the far-left’s “woke” policy stances. Banks, who has previously spoken out on issues such as transgender athletes and critical race theory, announced the plans for the caucus in an op-ed for the Claremont Institute.

In the article, Banks explains, “This utterly un-American doctrine would be comical were it not so powerful. And it is powerful because it is enforced not only by every major national institution. It is promoted and funded by the federal government itself.” He continued, “The Biden administration imposes these beliefs in schools, in the military, in government agencies and in the private sector. It not only wants us to hate each other. It is funding this hatred and fanning its flames.”

Banks called on House Republicans to take action to revoke Executive Order 13985, which was issued by President Biden and directs federal agencies to create plans for “equity.” While Chuck Schumer will likely strike down the legislation, Banks claims it is essential for Republicans to demonstrate their opposition to the left’s deviation from equal treatment under the law.

Additionally, Banks urged Congress to stop providing funding to support woke ideologies. He noted that the Claremont Institute documented over $3 billion in federal funding for leftist institutions and activities since 2016, which is used to promote divisive and un-American ideologies and funds activists’ salaries to maintain a constant state of revolution.

The new caucus is expected to host dinners with members to discuss how to combat what they believe is leftist overreach. It will release a statement of principles and coordinate bills and amendments to defund woke programs that Congress has been funding. Banks is also running for a Senate seat in Indiana.

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