Investigation Finds MSM Lied, Border Patrol Agents Did Not Whip Migrants

The viral story that saturated mainstream media headlines in September of last year during a Haitian migrant influx in the border city of Del Rio, Texas, has been proven to be sensationalized.

A nearly ten-month-long investigation into the Border Patrol agents who corralled Haitian migrants attempting to cross the water into the United States illegally has found that the migrants were not whipped by the agents on horseback, contrary to what the Biden regime and MSM hosts such as MSNBC’s Joy Reid purported.

The Federalist reports that U.S. Customs and Border Patrol’s (CBP) Office of Professional Responsibility drew up a 511 page investigative report which concluded: “The investigation found no evidence that agents struck any person with horse reins.”

It’s almost as if the mainstream media puppets’ focus is to shield Biden’s border crisis from the public eye and promote an anti-law-enforcement agenda.

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