Israel And Hamas Agree To Cease-Fire After 11 Day Fight

Marmee Rooke

Israel and Hamas agree to end the 11 days of fighting that destroyed many parts of Palestine and Israel. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced that the security cabinet “unanimously accepted the recommendation of all security officials, the IDF chief of staff, the head of the Shin Bet, the head of the Mossad and the head of the National Security Council, to accept the Egyptian initiative for a bilateral cease-fire without any conditions, which will take effect later.”

PM Netanyahu explained that Hamas’s actions “on the ground” will help “determine the future of the operation” and whether the cease-fire can continue.

The Times of Israel reported that despite the cease-fire being confirmed by Israel and Hamas, “violence continued.” The IDF was forced to fight Hamas until the 2 a.m. cease-fire deadline occurred. Mortar shells reportedly injured one man from Be’eri. He was injured after shells hit a printing shop with him inside and is now recovering at the hospital.

Israel’s Defense Minister Benny Gantz praised the Israel Defense Forces, saying its “unprecedented military achievements in terms of forcefulness, precision and strategic importance in the fight against terror groups in the Gaza Strip.”

The report states that “Hamas and other Gaza terror groups launched nearly 3,700 rockets at Israel since May 10, at times forcing people living near Gaza into bomb shelters around the clock. Israel, in response, carried out an extensive bombing campaign in the Gaza Strip.”

“If we don’t act diplomatically, quickly, and wisely, [it will be] simply another round of conflict to be followed by the next one,” said DM Gantz.

PM Netanyahu stated the IDF “changed the equation not only in regards to the operation but also in regards to the future. If Hamas thinks we will tolerate a ‘drizzle’ of rockets, it is a mistake.” He said, “We will respond with a whole new level of force to every instance of aggression against the Gaza-envelope communities or anywhere else in Israel.”

The Prime Minister reported that most of Hamas’s weapon’s capabilities were successfully targeted by Israel. He said, “Hamas thought it could fire on Jerusalem and the cities of Israel, and we would just react with business as usual.” He promised to deal a “blow it cannot imagine” if Hamas breaks the cease-fire.

Despite reports that Egypt was responsible for brokering the peace deal that lead to the cease-fire, Joe Biden tried to take credit for it yesterday at the White House, saying, “Over the last 11 days, I spoke with the prime minister six times. I’ve also spoken with President Abbas and the Palestinian Authority more than once and part of our intense diplomatic engagement.”

Biden said, “And I want to also thank the secretary of state, the secretary of defense, our national security adviser, and everyone on our team for their incredible efforts to bring this about, the outcome that we’re about to see.”

Israel and Hamas declared a cease-fire yesterday, but that didn’t stop Palestinian protestors from firing fireworks into a crowd of Pro-Jewish protestors in New York City last night. American protests have been heating up as leftist agitators in Congress, like Rashida Tlaib and AOC, claim that Israelis are committing war crimes by defending their country.

Americans Against Antisemitism founder, Dov Hikind, reported a video of Palestinians harassing Manhattan’s Jewish residents. “Palestinian harassment fleet drives by Jews in Manhattan, threatening violence while screaming antisemitic slurs. See next tweet for proof of the firebomb one of them threw at a Jewish target and their subsequent arrest on the scene.”

The harassment then turned to violence, with Dov Hikind tweeting, “Palestinians threw a mini firebomb at Jews in New York City moments ago.”


We will continue to cover this story as details come out.

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