J6 Committee Erases Due Process from the Left’s Legal Lexicon

Jacob Chansley: Unjustly imprisoned?

With Speaker McCarthy’s release of the J6 video footage previously withheld by the J6 Committee, the truth the federal government is taking and holding political prisoners has shocked the American people.

According to the New York Post’s Miranda Divine, “For more than two years, the surveillance footage from the 2021 Capitol riot, aired this week by Tucker Carlson, was kept from the American public by a Democratic Congress so a false narrative became cemented in the public consciousness.”

It appears the J6 Committee committed an open-eyed, head-up, breathtaking abuse of Americans’ constitutional rights, which either unjustly put many defendants behind bars or has them languishing in a D.C. jail, awaiting their “speedy” trials.

America used to rebuke nations for doing this stuff. Talk to anyone in the criminal justice system willing to provide an honest answer, and they will tell you if defense counsels had access to the released footage, the court could not have convicted for what was charged. 

Take Jacob Chansley (horned hat guy), who the Democrats conscripted as the MAGA field marshal who led the “bloody insurrection,” during which even Joe Biden said five police officers were killed. Carlson’s review and release of the J6 video footage proved that didn’t happen. 

Video shows officers clearly escorting Chansley throughout the Capitol. At one point, Chansley walks with two officers past a half dozen fellow officers who show absolutely zero concern for the worse-than-Pearl Harbor “insurrection” leader.

Capitol police disingenuously attempted to defend the escort was to “de-escalate.” De-escalate what? There were nine armed cops and one non-threatening, oddly-attired lone U.S. Navy veteran carrying an American flag. 

For Chansley’s police guided tour of the People’s House, a court sentenced him to 41 months in prison. Even if they could convict him for trespassing, which the new evidence makes doubtful, no misdemeanor merits years in prison. 

One J6 lawyer, Joseph McBride, said the new evidence should give defendants “grounds for appeal.” 

Grounds for appeal

This wasn’t about some new evidence. This was about old evidence the J6 congressional committee intentionally withheld specifically to deny constitutional rights to Americans with whom they disagree politically.    

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