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Jacksonville Officer Attacked After Responding To A Call

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Disclaimer: There have been conflicting reports on the weapon the officer in this article had on him. The Tatum Report will edit any “mistakes” in this article that may be present as more information comes to light.

An officer with the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office (JSO) was attacked Thursday night around 11 pm outside of a parking garage in the 700 block of Edison Avenue.

According to JSO, the officer was responding to shots fired in a nearby bar.

A video posted on Twitter shows the scuffle between the officer and a woman in a white shirt and denim shorts, with several bystanders nearby.

The footage starts at the beginning of the altercation, though it is unknown what happened in the moments leading up to the attack on the officer.

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The officer is seen approaching the people with an AR-15 strapped to his back, quickly getting into a pushing match with a man in a red shirt who appears to be part of a fight with other people. He moves the man out of the way and angles for the woman.

The view is skewed for a moment before the officer is seen attempting to grab the woman. She isn’t going down without a fight and wrestles the officer to the ground.

The woman proceeds to get on top of him and starts throwing blows while the man in the red shirt is trying to pull her off.

The officer eventually gets up on his own.

Fraternal Order of Police President Steve Zona watched the video and said he believes the officer used great restraint in not using deadly force. He also believes deadly force could have been justified.

“If he was in a situation where he was in fear of his life because maybe somebody was trying to grab that rifle. You can see that video and you can’t see clearly if they are trying to grab it or whatever, but he may have well be 100% justified in deploying lethal force,” said Zona.

Zona also feels that, “Every police officer sees what’s going on around the country. And you know, it’s not if it’s gonna happen, it’s when it’s gonna happen. And we just got a little taste of that, where, you know, you’re alone by yourself trying to do good things for the community. And, and it results in somebody attacking you, and now you’re surrounded.

We’re just thankful nobody else in that crowd joined in and attacked our police officer, but we’re also disappointed that they didn’t help.”

The officer is “fine,” according to Zona, but didn’t elaborate on injuries, if any, the officer may have sustained.

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One arrest was made in connection with the incident.



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