Jacob Blake Drops Federal Lawsuit Against Kenosha Cop

No doubt spurred on by an anti-cop criminal justice system and by Benjamin Crump’s seemingly insatiable need for race-baiting, the limelight, and a payday (not necessarily in that order), Crump had filed a federal lawsuit in 2021 against a Kenosha, WI. cop—for doing his job—when he shot an armed, wanted felon named Jacob Blake.

Crump sued despite investigators ruling the officer’s shooting was justified. Now, the frivolous suit has been dismissed.

The Police Tribune reported, “The lawsuit, filed by three lawyers led by notorious anti-cop attorney Ben Crump, had claimed that Blake suffered ‘catastrophic, permanent injuries’ that left him a paraplegic as a direct result of Officer [Rusten] Sheskey’s actions on Aug. 23, 2020.”

Correction: as a direct result of Jacob Blakes’ actions.

According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, “attorneys from both sides… agreed to dismiss the case with prejudice….” This means Blake cannot bring the same complaint against Sheskey again.

The Tribune also reported federal prosecutors had reviewed the case and found insufficient “evidence exists…” to prosecute the case successfully.

In August 2020, Blake arrived at the home of a woman home he’d allegedly sexually assaulted, took her car keys, and tried to take her car. Officers arrived knowing Blake had an outstanding felony warrant for DV sexual assault. Regardless of any new charges, the warrant meant the officers were obligated to take Blake into custody.

Blake reportedly resisted arrest, assaulting officers. Two Taser attempts on Blake failed. Then Blake refused further commands to stop and attempted to get into a car, armed with a knife. (Blake admitted to investigators he had a knife). That’s when Officer Sheskey shot him.

And it wasn’t just Crump exploiting a manufactured “racial incident.” As I wrote at NationalPolice.org, in 2020, “Wisconsin Governor… Tony Evers… immediately cried out for ‘police reform.’ For what? The officers did nothing wrong.”

And… Lt. Gov. Mandella Barnes said, “the irony isn’t lost on me that Jacob Blake was actually trying to deescalate a situation in his community, but the responding officer didn’t feel the need to do the same.”

Undoubtedly, their publicists are busy composing an apology to Officer Sheskey.

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