Jews Banned From Israeli Temple Mount Due to Muslim Riots

The Temple Mount in Jerusalem will be closed “until further notice” due to the mass riots from Muslims. The Israeli government decided to ban Israeli Jews because Muslims began rioting after Jews descended on the mound during Passover.

The closure of the mound during Ramadan was expected, but statements from the Temple Mount administrations indicate the closure may extend past Ramadan. 

Over 4,000 Jews made the pilgrimage to the Temple Mount last week during the Passover holiday. While there, Jews were bombarded by some Muslims yelling “Allahu Akbar” and “Kill the Jews.” Rioters blocked the pathway and threw glass bottles on the ground where some Jews were barefoot.

Some Arab leaders encouraged the rioting on the Temple Mount. Israeli police stated:

“Dozens of rioters threw stones and fired fireworks at police after the early morning Fajr prayer.”

Even when Jews were not visiting the Temple Mount, riots ensued. Around 200 rioters descended on the Mount and threw stones at Israeli security forces and toward the Western Wall. Some of the protestors wore masks and waved Hamas flags.

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