Joe Biden Demonstrates the Great Inversion of Sanity

In this new Democrat Party’s Marxist-Fascist hybrid, private companies spy on and censor consumers for the government. Self-Defense is no longer an unalienable right but a prosecutable offense. And there is an apparent new Democrat “right” to commit violence, riot, and loot and call it reparations. 

Virginia Kruta at The Daily Wire shows that the sanity inversion continues with Joe Biden’s sinister assertion about people who want to prevent sanctioned child mutilation. “President Joe Biden claimed it was ‘close to sinful’ for states to block minors’ access to ‘gender-affirming care,’ effectively standing between children and trans-activist medical professionals.”

Evidence of the Democrats’ inversion of sanity is their warped definition of “gender-affirming care.” To affirm mean to support what exists. So, biologically, wouldn’t affirming one’s gender mean affirming a person is either male or female? DNA thinks so.

Until a child becomes an adult, many Americans wonder, shouldn’t these issues be treated to rule out any possible mental health issues before risking irreversible physical alteration through chemicals or surgery? 

Chloe Cole, victim of double mastectomy at 14

Kruta reported, “Biden sat down with guest host Kal Penn to record an interview for Monday’s episode of ‘The Daily Show’ on Comedy Central, and the conversation turned to trans-identifying kids and the efforts being made — primarily by Republicans in states like Florida — to prevent children from making irreversible decisions about their bodies when they’re still too young to vote.”

Billboard Chris tweeted, “Joe Biden says on The Daily Show, ‘What’s going on in Florida is, as my mother would say, close to sinful.’ He wants to pass legislation to ensure gender clinics everywhere can continue to harm kids.”

While Biden’s mom may have used the phrase “close to sinful,” it seems doubtful Mrs. Biden would have used it to describe people attempting to prevent such irreversible harm committed against helpless children. 

Recently, according to The College Fix, Michigan Tech LGBT students “cried and begged” the university to reconsider an invitation to speak from Turning Point USA to anti-child mutilation warrior and TTR founder Officer Brandon Tatum. Fortunately, the school did not cave to the woke mob and The Officer Tatum will speak as scheduled in Houghton, Michigan on March 21, 2023.

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