Joe Biden Embarrasses The U.S. At G7 Summit

Joe Biden should have been on his couch in Delaware eating rice pudding, but instead, his handlers needed to prop him up as a “world leader” for the G7 Summit. Conservatives were afraid that public meetings with some of our closest allies, like the G7, were too much for Joe Biden to handle mentally, and it looks like it was right to worry.

Joe Biden’s job at the world summit is simple. The president should push for strong policies that keep America First. We shouldn’t promise to reduce emissions by a specific date while giving a free pass to countries not interested in subscribing to the climate change cult. We shouldn’t put unnecessary burdens on the American people at a time when our society is ready to erupt and our economy is crashing. Especially not after seeing that Donald Trump’s policies decreased carbon emission to the lowest point in years while creating a booming economy.

Joe Biden didn’t do his job, unfortunately. As simple as the task was, Joe Biden failed to reach the low bar set for him. And the world laughed. No. Really. Video shows a moment when Boris Johnson (the Prime Minister of England and our closest ally) announced the leaders of other countries who decided to join the proceedings in Cornwall. After listing the nations and their representatives – including South African President Cyril Ramaphosa – Biden opened his mouth and showed the world the weakness the media had been hoping to hide. His brain.

Biden exclaimed to Boris Johnson, like a proud little schoolboy about to admonish his teacher in front of the class, “And the president of South Africa!” Johnson, appearing genuinely shocked at the outburst, responded, “And, the president of South Africa, as I said, early on.”

Biden said, “Oh, he did, that’s right.”

“I certainly did,” retorted Johnson.

That’s when one of the leaders poked fun at Biden and thus America; for allowing this sham to continue. Someone out of view made a quip at Biden’s expense, saying, “You get a mention twice, Cyril.” The entire table erupts in laughter, but he just sits there, not understanding that they are laughing at him.

This wasn’t the only blunder of the G7. Biden reportedly broke royal protocol by describing in detail, to reporters, the items discussed in his meeting with Queen Elizabeth. Biden said, “We had a great talk. She wanted to know what the two leaders that I … the one I’m about to meet with, Mr. Putin, and she wanted to know about Xi Jinping, and we had a long talk, and she was very generous.”

Biden also arrived five minutes after the Queen and wore sunglasses during their first meeting.

The United States and its citizens are not beholden to the royal protocol, and therefore, we should give it little credence. It is necessary to mention these actions of note if only, to add them to our “imagine if this were Trump” folder.

Yesterday Joe Biden wasn’t done making a mockery of himself and infuriated the press pool in Cornwall by arriving almost two hours late to his scheduled press conference. Angry journalists were tweeting about their frustrations. However, nothing could more anger-inducing than realizing that you waited for over two hours to hear word salad from him and then not be called on.

White House reporter for the AP Jonathan Lemire described the meeting, saying, “After pool holds for nearly two hours, Biden and Erdogan sit silently in front of the cameras.” He said that as the silence lingered until Biden finally spoke, saying, “we had a very good meeting.”

Lemire reported that when the press told Biden that they couldn’t hear him, he said, “because I didn’t say anything.’ Biden reportedly said no other words before the press was moved out.

Our American representative can’t get through a meeting or a simple photo-op without showing the wolves waiting at America’s gates that a geriatric patient guards the door.


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