Joe Biden Legacy Secured with “Brandon Falls” Honor at Google Maps

Joe Biden seems concerned about his legacy especially now that even some of his most ardent Democrat and media sycophants are bailing on him. But he may not have much reason to worry, which has left Mary Chastain at Legal Insurrection “laughing.”

She’s laughing because Biden’s ignoble seven-point landing after an unintentional dismount from his bike is now a landmark location on Google Maps named for the infamous chant, “Let’s go, Brandon.” Google may have taken it down by now, but not before someone managed to slap the moniker on the map and others snapped screenshots of it.

Chastain wrote, “I’m laughing. If you search Brandon Falls on Google Maps, it brings up the location where President Joe Biden fell off his bike. I looked it up on the website and yes, it is marked as Brandon Falls!”

She says a tweeter, @OldRowOfficial, who’d previously “started a trend called “Bidening” where people fall off their bikes as Biden did in Delaware,” marked the location as a “historical landmark.”


Summit News reported, “As we highlighted yesterday, people at Brandon Falls and beyond are reenacting the historical moment and labelling [sic] it #bidening or #BidenBikeChallenge:”

Summit also said, “There is even a bicycle shop and 5 star reviews.”

The Daily Caller noted some other reviewer’s comments:


“A place symbolic of America in 2022! Let’s go, Brandon! Brandon Falls USA! 🇺🇸”

“Very nice place to ride a bike. Just be careful not to cause too much inflation in your tires or you can end up crashing your whole bike into the ground. But if that happens, just blame Putin. People will ‘fall’ for it!”

So, the pretender-in-chief can stop worrying about his negative legacy (which is assured). There will be, at least, two aspects of his legacy that will leave smiles on the faces of future Americans, as they read in their American History classes about the 46th “president,” Let’s Go, Brandon, from Brandon Falls, Delaware.

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