Joe Biden Wants to Stop Criminal Gun Use by Stopping Law-Abiding Gun Use

Once again, anti-self-defense Democrats, led by Joe Biden, according to FOX News, are calling for more gun control against law-abiding Americans because some criminals committed heinous crimes with guns. But Biden still won’t explain how preventing law-abiding gun owners from keeping and bearing arms solves the problem of criminals using firearms to commit crimes. Law-abiding gun owners are not committing these crimes.

Would a rancher with wolves killing his livestock go out and shoot bears? Not a single bear has killed a single cow, but he’s got to do something, right? Does it matter if it works or not? If wolves are killing your sheep or cattle, killing every bear would have zero impact.

Similarly, if criminals are shooting people, restricting guns from law-abiding gun owners would have zero impact on mass shootings. To say you sincerely believe it would work betrays your motivation is solely that you don’t like guns.  

According to another FOX News report, last November, Biden uttered this idiotic lie, “The idea we still allow semi-automatic weapons to be purchased is sick. It has no socially redeeming value… Not a single solitary rationale for it except profit for the gun manufacturers.”

That noise you just heard was Biden hurling critical thinking and common sense out a window without first opening it. 

Biden’s statement is not only stupid but also an obvious lie. Whenever Biden talks about guns, his ignorance flows. He once advised people to “buy a shotgun” and to “just fire the shotgun through the door.” People knowledgeable about firearms would never offer such advice. 

Biden’s obvious hatred for the Second Amendment and Americans’ God-given right to self-defense is not rational. Instead, it’s saturated with senseless malice.

It’s not that thoughtful people shouldn’t attempt to address mass shootings. But what sense does it make to continually and exclusively offer “solutions” that observably don’t work and never will?    

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