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Joe Rogan Calls Out MSM: "They're Not Real Humans"

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No hypocrite is safe from the ever-truth-telling Joe Rogan.

Last night on his podcast with Kyle Kulinski, The Joe Rogan Experience, Rogan let loose on CNN anchor Brian Stelter.

Rogan is known for his polarizing views, beliefs in true American freedom, and delivering his truths in a refreshingly honest way. Some may be off-put by his colorful choice of language, but the former Fear Factor host has a unique way of approaching and presenting facts.

A focus on last night’s podcast was Stelter, his show, and the subservient way he approached his interview with White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki.

Rogan pulls no punches as he calls Stelter out for whining about YouTubers having more views than a “credible,” large news source like CNN.

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Attention is brought to the absurdity that the CNN reporter feels entitled to an audience,  despite the apparent feeding of curated content to the on-air personality.

“They didn’t even understand the way they were describing it,” said Rogan. “They were describing it as if they’re entitled to viewers. They were saying, ‘There are people on YouTube right now that get more views than this show.’ This is because the market has spoken and your show’s f****ng terrible. Well, Brian Stelter’s show keeps slipping and slipping and slipping in the ratings. Same with Don Lemon’s. It’s the same thing. Everybody knows they’re not real. They’re not real humans.”

Stelter seems to feel that since CNN is a major network, they are more deserving of viewers than the grassroots YouTuber who pours everything into their content.

“They’re obviously being told a certain amount of what to do,” said Rogan, speaking of mainstream media news anchors.

He goes on to elaborate on Stelter, “And I mean, maybe he’d be an interesting guy if he had his own f****n’ podcast, if he could just rely on his own personality and be himself. I don’t know. I can’t imagine doing that gig. Any of those guys. That gig is a strange gig.”

Rogan made it clear that he feels the same way as many viewers — who coined Stelter’s behavior as “bootlicking,” “fawning,” and “gooey” — when he addressed Stelter’s recent interview with the White House Press Secretary, “How about Brian Stelter talking to the press secretary saying, ‘What are we doing wrong? What are we doing wrong?’ Like, hey motherf****r, you’re supposed to be a journalist.”

Perhaps Stelter wouldn’t have lost ratings if he actually addressed important questions in his interviews instead of placating and brown-nosing the interviewees.

His show had 836,000 viewers during May, which is a 9% reduction from April viewership and a whopping 53% fall from January.

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