Joint Base Lackland in San Antonio on Full Lockdown After Attack, Hunt Is on for Shooters

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Joint Base San Antonio-Lackland was placed under lockdown Wednesday due to a reported active shooter situation, though authorities later clarified that it was unclear whether gunshots were actually fired.

The base’s Twitter account announced the active shooter alert.

“Active Shooter warning for all JBSA-Lackland personnel. All base personnel implement LOCKDOWN procedures immediately and take cover. Real World LOCKDOWN, LOCKDOWN, LOCKDOWN,” the base tweeted.

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“Public affairs is silent, despite reporting active shooter. UNCONFIRMED chatter indicates shots were fired, no known injuries,” KNES-TV reporter James Keith tweeted.

According to KABB-TV in San Antonio, police were looking for two men who fired allegedly shots from outside the base.

The base’s public affairs department “sent a statement saying that two suspects fired shots toward the base from outside the gates. JBSA trainees were in the area and the shooters ran off,” WOIA-TV reported.

The base’s Facebook account noted, “There are no suspected injuries at this time.

“The shooting is suspected to have happened outside Valley Hi Gate on JBSA-Lackland.

“JBSA emergency responders are working with the San Antonio police department to clear the area and search for the shooters.”

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The base eventually posted an update noting that a news conference would be taking place soon.

Later, authorities clarified that they were still trying to confirm if a shooting had indeed taken place.

Initial investigations “didn’t determine anything upfront,” base spokesperson Lt. Col. Brian Loveless said at a news conference, adding that the military is “trying to investigate a couple of leads to confirm that gunshots actually did take place on the installation,” according to NBC News.

“No reports of anybody visually seen firing firearms on the installation,” said Loveless, who told the media that the base’s report of two shooters was “not confirmed.”

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

UPDATE, June 9, 2021: This article, and its headlines, have been updated to reflect the fact that while the base originally reported shots fired and two shooters, authorities later clarified they were attempting to “confirm that gunshots actually did take place on the installation.”

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