Jussie Smollett Admits CNN Host Don Lemon Informed Him Chicago PD Did Not Believe His Story

The case against Jussie Smollett is only getting more bizarre as the trial continues.

If yesterday’s breaking news from Jack Posobiec – that Jussie Smollett testified to his participation in multiple trips to bathhouses and a drug and sex-filled relationship with one of the Nigerian brothers accused of attacking him — wasn’t enough.

Smollett admitted that Don Lemon used the information he received as a CNN host to inform him that the Chicago Police Department did not believe his story about the attack. When the court asked Smollett why he didn’t call the police immediately after the attack, he stated, “I’m a black man in America, and I do not trust [the] police.”

Fox News reported that Jussie Smollett’s testimony indicated that Don Lemon tipped off the Empire actor to possible issues with police over the validity of his version of events during the investigation. According to the report, Don Lemon and Smollett were friends and frequently spoke during the first trial.

Don Lemon has yet to comment on his direct involvement in tipping Jussie Smollett off about the police.

Thankfully, we don’t have to wait for Don Lemon to hear from Smollett about his relationship with Abimbola Osundairo, one of the Nigerian brothers Smollett accused of beating him up while getting a Subway sandwich. The Fox report detailed shocking revelations from the two’s secret sexual relationship.

According to Smollett, their meetings often included marijuana and cocaine in private rooms in a gay bathhouse. Smollett testified that he met the brothers in 2017 and “did drugs” the night they met. He also stated that he never trusted Abimbola’s twin brother.

Smollett claimed that he and Ambimbola had to hide their relationship from Olabinjo because he was a violent homophobe. Smollett told the court that the attack was initially framed as being from two Trump supporters that came from police and not him.

“I don’t recall. I don’t remember her [Detective Murrary] specifically saying it during the ride-along. I called Detective Murray the next day, January 30, because I was angry that police said I told them the attackers were wearing MAGA hats, but I never said that,” Smollett told the jury.

When asked if at the time he was concerned the police would eventually gain access to his phone and see the correspondence between him and the Osundairo brothers connecting him to the planning of the hate crime hoax, Smollett pushed back. “There was no hate crime hoax from my standpoint,” he replied.

During a 2019 monologue after Smollett turned himself into the police for filing a false report, Don Lemon told his viewers that Jussie Smollett “lied to a lot of people” and “he squandered the goodwill of very high-profile people who one day may be running this country.”

  1. How did Lemon know that Smollette’s Auntie would be Vice President, soon? More info that the election was fraudulent.

  2. glad he squandered them- they don’t need to be running this County if they were stupid enough to not at least doubt his story.

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