NPR Story Debunked: Justice Sotomayer Works Remote As Justice Gorsuch Refuses To Play Mask Theater

Editor’s Note: NPR was fact-checked by the Supreme Court, making their reporting false. Justice Gorsuch remains the justice who jumped ship and voted with the Dems on the McGirt decision and not the chad Conservatives had hoped. See below.

Liberal media are attacking Justice Gorsuch for his personal medical decision not to wear a mask after being fully vaccinated and boosted because this is the norm in America. Not even a Supreme Court Justice is smart enough to decide whether a mask will benefit his health enough to wear it.

NPR somberly reported that it was “pretty jarring” to see the Supreme Court take the bench for the first time since the very scary and terrifying “omicron surge.” The report stated with the utmost dramatics, “All were now wearing masks. All, that is, except Justice Neil Gorsuch.”

One almost expects a piano player in the corner to play suspense music as the writer explains that Gorsuch’s decision not to wear a mask is the reason Supreme Court Justice Sotomayer does not hear cases in person. Justice Sotomayer has instead elected to participate in court proceedings in her chambers.

NPR reports that Justice Sotomayor, who is in the high-risk category for Covid due to her history of diabetes, told her fellow justices that she did not feel safe around those who remained unmasked.

Chief Justice Roberts, a complete and utter failure as a Conservative Supreme Court Justice, reportedly instructed the rest of the justice to mask up to calm Sotomayor’s fears.

However, Justice Gorsuch decided to forgo the mask-hysterics and sat on the bench sans mask.

NPR writes, “They all did. Except Gorsuch, who, as it happens, sits next to Sotomayor on the bench. His continued refusal since then has also meant that Sotomayor has not attended the justice’s weekly conference in person, joining instead by telephone.”

Rachel Maddow tweeted from her verified account, “It’s folly to try to get inside anyone else’s head, I know, but I just can’t shake this. Does Justice Gorsuch revel in everyone now knowing that he’s keeping her from being able to come to work? Or is he embarrassed? I mean, how do you live with yourself?”

Sotomayor is not being kept from the bench by anyone but herself. Neil Gorsuch has decided that putting on a mask is not in his best health interest. After two years into this pandemic, Sotomayor seems very confused about the actual risk involved when catching Covid.

Remember that Justice Gorsuch isn’t an alt-right Conservative despite what the media wants to spin. Anyone who would side with leftist justices to carve up Oklahoma as he did in the McGirt Opinion couldn’t by definition be considered alt-right and would hardly be considered Conservative.

  1. I have friends, a couple, she was vaccinated and boosted, he was not vaccinated even though he had co-morbidities…they both contracted Covid-19, they both had the same flu-like symptoms, lost taste and smell and both recovered at the same time! Does the “vaccine“ work? I don’t think so!

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