Karen Bass Defeats Billionaire Rick Caruso in Los Angeles Mayor’s Race

Former U.S. Rep., social worker, and new LA Mayor Karen Bass

Democrat Representative Karen Bass defeated billionaire businessman Rick Caruso to succeed Eric Garcetti as mayor of Los Angeles. The Washington Examiner reports Bass was a finalist in Biden’s quest for a vice presidential running mate. The president and several well-known Democrats supported Bass in the mayor’s race, with Biden making an appearance alongside her reiterating his support for the “soon-to-be Ms. Mayor.”

According to a Los Angeles Times-UC Berkeley Institute of Governmental Studies poll, Bass held just a 3-point advantage over Caruso among registered voters going into October, down from a 12-point lead in August. Prior to election day, a Los Angeles Daily News poll showed the candidates in a tie.

The race mainly focused on rising violence and inflation, critical issues in major Democrat-led cities this year. During the campaign, Caruso pledged to “clean up” Los Angeles by addressing the homelessness epidemic and reducing crime. He presented himself as an outsider, free of ties that would impede urgent transformation.

However, Bass alleged that Caruso, a former Republican and independent until recently, was unfit to serve as mayor of a city that leans heavily in favor of the Democratic party because of his stance on abortion.

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