Kids Blame Media “Misinformation” for Father’s Covid Death; Single out Tucker Carlson

On Monday morning, CNN interviewed Katie and Evan Lane about the loss of their father to Covid-19. Their father, 45-year-old Patrick Lane, passed away about two weeks after contracting the virus. According to his family, he was a healthy 45-year-old male with no underlying health conditions. His children are now going on cable news networks sharing his story.

Katie shared that her dad was not an anti-vaxxer and wanted to wait until the vaccine received full FDA approval. She and her brother are partially blaming his death on misinformation he received after watching Youtube videos. While on CNN, Katie and her brother were asked about her father’s vaccine hesitancy.

Katie said, “There’s multiple reasons, I think…One of which was some of the media that he ingested. He wasn’t by any means far-right. He was right in the middle, and he consumed media from both sides, and just some of the misinformation on one of those sides made him hesitant.” She added that he was waiting for FDA approval but unfortunately passed days before it was approved.

John Berman, the host of “New Day,” made it a point to circle back to Katie’s earlier comments. He pressed the young woman, asking, “…You said from one media source, in particular, he was getting misinformation — he was getting information that led him to be hesitant on vaccines. Who? Who was he listening to?” She answered that he had watched some Tucker Carlson clips on Youtube. She believed the clips had misinformation in them that may have led him to vaccine hesitancy. She claimed that if he were alive today, he would have no issue taking the vaccine. The kids even claimed, “Their father’s final words to their stepmother were that he “wished that he was vaccinated.”

Both Katie and Evan have spoken to news outlets to plead with others to get vaccinated. They want people to get it not only for the individual’s sake but for their family’s. The children believe their father caught the virus from a local barber. They said, “There’s no way for us to be 100% sure, but she was coughing a lot under her mask…There’s a lot of anger around that.”


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