Kirk Cameron Cancelled by Drag Queen-Worshiping Librarians

Kirk Cameron

There is nothing remotely threatening about actor-writer Kirk Cameron, co-star of the hit TV show Growing Pains. It’s hard to imagine him offending anyone. He and his wife also “have six children, four of whom are adopted.”  What a fiend.

But, in today’s flip-flopped Bizarro World, the radical left, constantly hoping to be offended, found a reason to cancel Cameron—and it’s probably against the law. 

According to FOX News, “With a new children’s book out that celebrates family, faith and biblical wisdom, actor-writer-producer Kirk Cameron cannot reach scores of American children or their families in many U.S. cities via the public library system because over 50 public libraries have either outright rejected him or not responded to requests on his behalf. Many of the same libraries that won’t give Cameron a slot, however, are actively offering ‘drag queen’ story hours or similar programs for kids and young people.”

Drag Queen Story Hour, Montreal

Significantly, Cameron isn’t calling for censoring drag queen story hour. He believes if the left supports genuine “diversity,” they’ll also allow him to read his book, As You Grow (Brave Books, 2022). Cameron said the book “teaches biblical wisdom and the value of producing the fruit of the spirit: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, faithfulness, self-control.”

In today’s Democrat-controlled world, that’s what passes for “radical.”

All 50 libraries contacted have hosted “Drag Queen” readings and a glut of politically partisan events. These librarians and their staffs believe they own the public space exclusively despite all taxpayers contribute to its existence.

Providence, Rhode Island’s Rochambeau Public Library, is a troubling example. They told Brave Books, “No, we will pass on having you run a program in our space. We are a very queer-friendly library. Our messaging does not align.”

“[I]n our space.” Not your space, which you also pay for if you’re a Christian or someone with a Judeo-Christian message.

How is a library denying Christians equal access to a taxpayer-funded public space any different from a taxpayer-funded police or fire department denying help to Christians (or any group)?

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