Kyrsten Sinema Explains Why She Left Democratic Party

Arizona Senator Kyrsten Sinema recently announced that her decision to leave the Democratic Party last year was due to her desire for independence from the flawed two-party system. During a panel discussion at the World Economic Forum, she stated that while she has always considered herself an independent politician, the increasing political polarization in recent years ultimately led her to sever ties with her party.

She explained, “Those who know me know that I was always an independent voice and always have been for the things that I believe in and for my state and for my country. What you’ve heard about partisanship, I believe, is accurate. Jan. 6, which is a horrible day from two years ago, created, I think, concern and fear for every patriotic American across the country.” She continued, “But in the resulting two years, the Democratic Party shared a narrative that said, ‘We would not have any more free and fair elections in this country if the United States Congress didn’t eliminate the filibuster and pass a massive voting rights package.'”

Sinema was referring to the attempts made by the Democratic party in the last Congress to end the filibuster in the Senate and to make significant changes to voting rights across the country. Despite these efforts, the Democrats could not do so, as Sinema and fellow moderate Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia did not support the move.

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