LA School Teacher’s Abandon Their Students Once Again

UTLA teachers strike 2018

If we haven’t learned yet that the leaders of LA’s public teachers’ unions don’t care about students, after more than two years of CCP virus school lockouts, kids are once again locked out of their schools.

Matt Vespa at Townhall writes, “Over 400,000 students are without teachers and support staff, so schools in the Los Angeles area effectively shut down for the next three days.”

The teachers put fellow union members from the radical leftist SEIU Local 99 above their students to “strike in solidarity” with workers who want more money.

“They want a 30 percent increase in their hourly rate, with an additional $2/hour raise for their lowest-paid workers. To be clear, it’s not the teachers who are demanding higher wages—it’s the bus drivers, gardeners, and cafeteria workers.”

While those service union members may deserve higher wages, those striking teachers’ students deserve to be in school with their teachers. Although, with what public schools focus on these days (CRT, DEI, ETC.), the kids may be better off out of school. 

Regardless, the optics are nasty for teachers’ unions, but they don’t seem to care. What they want is more important than teaching their students, which appears to be something they don’t want—to do.

Sarah McGregor at Bloomberg reported, “The walkout adds to the woes of a district that has already been struggling with declining enrollment and attendance rates across its 780 schools. Observers blame a variety of factors including families relocating due to the high cost-of-living, a decline in immigration and parents moving their kids to private schools.”

The teachers’ union leaders appear to act as if they and their members are immune to the reality described above. Nero fiddled as Rome burned, but, instead, LA’s teachers’ unions danced as they burned their students. 

FOX Business’ Dagan McDowell tweeted some listed union “priorities” which would protect teachers from accountability.


Solidarity, an apparent revolutionary socialist, Marxist Twitter account, tweeted in support, “How do we properly service our students when we are being overworked and underpaid and disrespected?”

“Overworked and underpaid” are the teachers’ unions’ perennial complaints. As for “disrespected,” take a long look in the mirror. 

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