LAPD Chief Bans Public Display of Sacred Thin Blue Line Flag

Grove City, Ohio Police Memorial honoring fallen officers

In a move that is at best insensitive and at worst malicious, LAPD “Chief Michel Moore “has banned the display of the “thin blue line” flag at public events and station lobbies,” according to FOX 2 News. 

TTR founder Brandon Tatum wrote, It ain’t about what you think! Let me educate you. The thin blue line is for police officers to honor the brothers and sisters who wear that uniform that died in the line of duty. And in LA, they’ve had a few of them. Murdered! Young officers with promising futures, murdered! White and black. And you let a citizen come and tell you something like that.”

Moore says he’s banning the symbol because of its divisiveness. FOX reported, “some believe it represents support for law enforcement, while others say it’s become a symbol of far-right ideology and white supremacists.”

But that’s the culture war formula, right? Anti-police, anti-traditional America goons deem a group they hate as “racist.” Then they transform that group’s symbols to be “racist.” Then they get the group’s woke leadership to endorse their hate-filled mythology. 

U.S. Marshals displaying TBL flag during Police Week in Washington D.C.

That’s also how “woke” wins. For example, the LAPD leader played right into the cop haters’ hands when he said, “While I do not personally view the ‘Thin Blue Line Flag’ in the same manner as the community member and others, its display in our public lobbies can be divisive,’ Moore said in part of a statement issued to NewsNation affiliate KTLA.”


And the cop-haters get another win because a cop-leader makes such an idiotic decision. And what makes it even more ludicrous is it’s based on one complaint from one individual.


In an email, Moore told FOX News Digital, “‘Yesterday, we received a community complaint of the presence of a Blue Line Flag with ‘the view that it symbolized support for violent extremist views, such as those represented by the Proud Boys and others.’”

Pro-Police community member chatting with officers

Moore said he believes the symbol has been “hijacked” by “extremist groups.” However, since the KKK flies the American flag at their rallies, as do the “Proud Boys,” using his “logic,” the American flag must also be banned. And if not, why not? The reasoning is identical. The “woke” radicals could use this formula to ban anything they don’t like. 


But only if stupid people go along.

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