Latino Voters Bailing on Democrats’ Destructive Agenda, Growing Support for Republican Party

What made Democrats believe Latino and Hispanic Americans and immigrants would embrace their radical anti-traditional America political agenda? Predominantly Catholic, folks in these communities are rejecting the Dem’s radical obliterating of American traditions, which have led to increasing prices, illegal immigration, and crime.

The Wall Street Journal reported, “Latino voters are among the fastest-growing groups in the electorate, accounting for some 16 million voters in 2020….” That is over 10 percent of American voters.

Like some other minority groups, Latinos were “once a solidly Democratic bloc….” The WSJ says they’re now a “swing group…,” voting for both parties. But, in the controversial 2020 elections, according to “a detailed analysis by Catalist, a Democrat voter-data firm,” Joe Biden received, “8 percentage points lower than Mr. Biden’s party had won four years earlier.”

According to the Washington Examiner, “Latino voters are going away from the Democratic Party and are heading toward GOP candidates as a way to punish the Left for their policies on crime and inflation, according to Fox News host Tucker Carlson.”

In a Fox news Op/Ed, Carlson wrote, “‘It seems likely that more than any other issue, crime, the increase in crime in the United States, is moving Hispanic voters to the right. They see, as we all see, liberals aggressively encouraging crime … Democrats should not be surprised when they are punished for this.”

The Examiner noted the RNC has announced a program…” to teach U.S. politics and American history “to help [legal] immigrants prepare for their naturalization tests.

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