LEAKED Pfizer Documents Show How Much They Control

Leaked Pfizer documents show countries’ backroom deals with pharmaceutical companies producing massive amounts of experimental Covid vaccines.

The original link can be found in an exclusive article with an Albanian website. The site reported on the contract back in January 2021, and since then, the article has received just 28,104 views.

The Pfizer document exposes the grip the pharmaceutical company had during the negotiations. According to the contract between Pfizer and Albania, the company would experience “privileges and immunities” that would include, “without limitation, no-fault vaccine compensation programs, pandemic insurance programs, immunities from suit or liability, or any protections, defenses or limitations-of-liability (whether statutory, regulatory, common law or otherwise), existing or future, that may separately protect Indemnitees from Loses.”

The bottom line is more important than creating protections and compensation for those injured by the vaccine. The company claims this liability immunity over all its products associated with the Covid-19 virus.

The definition sheet explained “Product” as meaning all vaccines manufactured concerning the virus. But when you get down to the definition of the “vaccine,” it shows that Pfizer has immunity to a lot more than just what is injected into your arm.

According to the term sheet Pfizer defines “vaccine” as:

“(a) all vaccines manufactured, in whole or in part, or supplied, directly or indirectly, by or on behalf of Pfizer or BioNTech or any of their Affiliates pursuant to this Agreement that are intended for the prevention of the human disease COVID-19 or any other human disease, in each case which is caused by any of the virus SARS-CoV-2, and/or any or all related strains, mutations, modifications or derivatives of the foregoing, (b) any device, technology, or product used in the administration of or to enhance the use or effect of, such vaccine, or (c) any component or constituent material of (a) or (b).”


Once Pfizer and these countries agreed to the manufacturing and supply agreement, it made it financially imperative to both parties to suppress any knowledge of therapeutic drugs like hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin from making it to the market.

Even if the medicines helped save more lives than the vaccine, the contract could not be voided. The countries must pay the money and take the useless vaccines.

In multiple places throughout the contract, Pfizer makes it abundantly clear that “under no circumstances will Pfizer be subject to or liable for any late delivery penalties” nor will it face “liability for any failure to deliver doses.”

The contract states that each vaccine costs the country $12.00. That means in America alone, where a US Covid-19 Tracking site claims 163,588,042 have been fully vaccinated, pharmaceutical companies have made approximately $1,963,056,504. That’s almost $2 billion.

Do you remember when Biden was being installed into the White House back in January, and Reuters bragged about the big money donations that came in to make sure the party for Biden and his cronies was “like the best ever?” Pfizer was one of ten major corporations which donated $1 million to Biden’s inauguration.

Pfizer didn’t just donate to Joe Biden. GOP House Minority Leader Rep. Kevin McCarthy took over $20,000. Sen. Minority Leader Mitch McConnell raked in almost as much at $19,413. If you look at the list, you’ll find it’s harder not to locate one of your Congressmen on the list than it is to locate them.

Play a fun game. Search to see if one of your Senators or Representatives is on this list and then find out their stance on vaccines and how hard they’ve pushed to get jabs in arms. A few names on the list include:

  • President Biden (D)
  • President Trump (R)
  • Jon Ossoff (D)
  • Martha McSally (R)
  • Elizabeth Warren (D)
  • Jim Jordan (R)

It makes you wonder if we have anyone fighting against vaccine mandates in Congress if the manufacturers are allowed to buy them off.


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