LEAKED U.S. Navy Documents Expose Plan To Issue Blanket Denial Of Religious Exemptions

USA Today

Liz Wheeler broke the news via her verified Twitter account that the United States Navy plans to deny all Navy Sailors their request for exemption of the Covid vaccine for religious purposes. In a series of tweets, Wheeler shared copies of memos and other directives from the Department of the Navy highlighting the unconstitutional plan.

According to US Navy policy, each case requesting a religious exemption will be judged on its own. Not only that, but the Navy must use the “least restrictive means” available to preserve the individual’s religious freedom over the government’s interest.

Wheeler claims she has “two sworn affidavits from Sailors who heard CDR Schley claim she didn’t want to issue blanket denial of all religious exemption requests but was forced by Captain Ratkus.”

Wheeler wrote that the documents prove that “CDR Shely knows she is knowingly violating policy and Capt Ratkus is directing her to do so.” Her investigation shows evidence that allegedly connects the decision to deny all religious exemptions to the Covid vaccine to JAG officer LTJG Carlos Pagan working under the command of 2-star Rear Admiral Peter Garvin. Garvin is the commander of the Naval Training and Education Command (NETC).

Wheeler undercovered a note by Commander Michael Tiefel to Captain Ratkus, first in command at The Center for Information Warfare Training (CIWT). She claims the memo reveals the “gross hostility” the Naval command shows its religious service members.

“Teifel actually quoted Pro-lies.org WORD-FOR-WORD about the Charlotte Lozier Institute, accusing the pro-life group of ‘pushing alarmist narratives.’ Tiefel also added a few of his own words, saying that the site ‘spread his [the Sailor’s] absurd research.’ Pro-lies.org also proclaims that opponents of abortion are ‘extreme,’ ‘toxic,’ and ‘out of touch.’ It even accuses them of ‘dangerous rhetoric.’ Apparently, objecting to abortion on religious grounds is now dangerous, according to the Navy,” wrote Wheeler.

She believes that her research shows the issues at NETC aren’t isolated. Liz Wheeler produced documents from the Information Warfare Training Command Virginia Beach, also under Captain Ratkus’s command, indicating that IWTC Virginia Beach also denies all religious exemptions.

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