Left Seeks to Weaken Religious Rights and Freedom of Speech

The radical left, which has taken over the modern Democrat Party, won’t stop until they have altered the U.S. Constitution to fully conform to their tyranny. For the right, Americans’ constitutional rights are God-given, so they cannot be taken away by the government. Instead, the radical left believes Americans’ essential liberties are government-given, so they can snatch them away from the people whenever they please.

“The Supreme Court heard oral arguments today,” according to the Washington Examiner, “in 303 Creative LLC v. Elenis, a case that deals with the clash between public accommodation laws and First Amendment rights and asks whether the government has the right to override the latter in such disputes.”

It’s chilling that there appears to be a split court, where the three liberal justices believe the government has the right to compel government-conforming speech from Americans, even if it goes against their religious faith or consciences.

“Specifically, the court must decide whether the state of Colorado has the right to compel speech from its creative professionals. The justices appeared to agree 6-3 that Colorado has no such right, despite the state’s best efforts to compare Lorie Smith’s religious objections to a race-based denial of service.”

Dan McLaughlin at National Review wrote, “This is still a free country, in which the freedom to create includes both the freedom to dissent and the freedom of conscience to control one’s creations. Private businesses and individuals large and small rely on those freedoms — including the freedom to boycott. The Court should reaffirm those fundamental liberties.”

McLaughlin also says, “Should the government tolerate dissent, or should it seek to punish the religious identity of those who adhere to beliefs that differ from those of the government?”

Here, Colorado wants to compel “creators,” such as artists and writers, to conform to its hollow view of religious principles and create products that violate their religious beliefs.

Carried to its “logical” conclusion, wouldn’t this mean a Democrat could be compelled to create a specific artwork or pamphlet for a Republican?


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