Left-Wing Organization Granted Taxpayer Money To Fight Deportation Cases For Illegal Immigrants

Since its installment, the Biden Administration has allowed unchecked illegal migration to flow from our southern border. The number of unaccompanied minors rose to historical levels. Now, Biden’s Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) is paying a progressive left organization, Vera Institute of Justice, to fight against their deportation.

Vera Institute of Justice (VIJ) was founded in the 1960s as the Manhattan Bail Project by Louis Schweitzer, an eccentric New York industrialist and a trustee of George Soro’s Open Society Foundations, Herbert Sturz. The project’s original intention was to help economically disadvantaged  New Yorkers satisfy bail conditions they could not otherwise afford.

Fox reported the US federal contract database rose alarms with Jason Hopkins, an investigative associate at Immigration Reform Law Institute. Hopkins believes VIJ uses its “behemoth” budget to “fund a slate of progressive causes and initiatives across the country.”

“Whether that be criminal justice reform, bail reform, and also immigration,” said Hopkins.

According to the database, VIJ was awarded a federal contract worth $158 million, and the potential to be worth around $210 million, to “provide immigration-related legal services to unaccompanied minors.”

American taxpayers, who are required to foot the bill for the damage caused to our borders, towns, and classrooms by illegal immigration, are asked to once again pay with their taxes to fight for illegal immigrant minors to stay in our country.

A Vera Institute of Justice spokeswoman told Fox, VIJ uses the funds to “provide legal orientation services and, in some cases, legal representation, to children in removal proceedings and detention.” She said, “Thousand of immigrant children are placed in court proceedings in which government prosecutors seek to deport them unless those children can prove they have a right to stay in the United States.”

According to Jason Hopkins’ research, “at least $5.6 million” of taxpayer funds will be used to pay for illegal immigrants to defend themselves from deportation.

“Vera Institute of Justice has an initiative called Safety and Fairness for Everyone,” Hopkins said. “This began several years ago, and it focuses on providing taxpayer-funded legal representation to aliens – even illegal aliens – that are placed in deportation procedures.”

Hopkins added that instead of all the illegal immigrants’ defense funding all coming from the federal government, VIJ created “more of a grassroots approach where they’re going from city to city, county to county and getting these local city governments to create a deportation fund that’s in part funded by taxpayers.”

“Vera is very open that they really don’t care about [the] criminal history” of the illegal immigrants they help stay in America, said Hopkins.



  1. So sick of this criminal administration doing everything they can to Destroy our Republic!
    The Military MUST step in and stop this lawlessness!

  2. This is a symptom of the lawless, out of control government that we’ve had for a very long time (and continually gets worse). If government was really limited to doing only the things the Constitution allows or requires, there would be no need to spend trillions of dollars a year more than it takes in — and stealing the rest from us by printing money that devalues the dollars we have, or will get in the future. The people in control do whatever they please to advance their political power, and we pay for it (and not only in money).

  3. They’re daring The People to have a problem with what they do. Never thought I’d see it in my lifetime.

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