Leftist Activism Collides in Los Angeles on NFL Opening Day

It’s amusing for conservatives and other traditional Americans when radical leftist causes inevitably collide. The NFL has infamously, willingly, surrendered to the extreme “woke” political ideology. On the first day of NFL play, according to the New York Post, two leftist animal rights activists ran onto the Sofi Stadium football field during a game between the Buffalo Bills and the Los Angeles Rams, colliding with the leftist NFL.


Since the activist ran onto the field with a pink smoke flare and smoke bomb rather than kneeling for the American National Anthem, NFL officials weren’t about to put up with it. CBS reported, “The 2022 NFL season got underway on Thursday with the defending Super Bowl champion Los Angeles Rams taking on the Buffalo Bills. Aside from Bills quarterback Josh Allen, two women that made their way onto the playing field also made a lasting impression.”

ESPN’s Lindsey Thiry tweeted a video of the extracurricular activities saying, “Things getting weird on the field in L.A.”

CBS also described the activism disrupting the game with security chasing the women, with one security official making a decent tackle of one activist. Also, “a Bills player threw the smoke bomb down the field, where it landed in the end zone.” 

USA Today reported the activist group is known for conducting similar “direct actions” at various NFL and other events around the country. The group said it wanted to bring attention to the Smithfield Foods “factory farm trial.” Chinese billionaire Wan Long [link added] owns the company—to add yet another leftist-protected “cause,” Joe Biden’s Communist China. 

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