Leftist History, Saturated in Presentism, Wokeness, and Ignorance, Say the Constitution is Trash

Earlier this month, Newsweek, about the glib leftist bomb-thrower Elie Mystal, wrote he, “Doubles Down Against ‘Haters’ After Calling the Constitution ‘Trash.” After he did that, what’s to like?

How some people can look at sublime genius and not recognize it is tragic. Or, worse, reject it because the U.S. Constitution protects Americans’ rights from the leftists.

Mystal went on an anti-Constitution rant on an unsurprising venue: The View. His “historical” criticisms wreaked of presentism, modern wokeness, and old-fashioned ignorance.

He reduced all of America’s founders to “slavers, colonists, and misogynists….” He quipped, “I could rewrite parts of it in a tweet.” He says there should be, “no states’ rights when it comes to healthcare, elections, policing, and guns….”

In a video retort, The Officer Brandon Tatum challenged, “show me a place in the world that’s more equitable and fairer than the United States….”

The radical left, Tatum noted, doesn’t want to emulate any African countries. “You’re over here, absorbing the sun from the western European… countries.” He added, “Show me countries that are primarily black that you would rather live in.”

“Freedom is a mindset… it’s an idea. It’s not a color of somebody’s skin,” Tatum said.

The people of the states created the federal government, not vice versa. To eliminate states’ rights would eliminate much of the Constitution’s genius. The document transcends its framers’ individual human frailties. Its genius is what leftists want to remove, rendering the Constitution inert.

If the Constitution didn’t have a mechanism for change, Mystal might have a point. But the left doesn’t like how intentionally hard it is to alter, so they want to re-write it by fiat.

Re-write it by “trashing” the Bill of Rights. The 1st Amendment would only protect leftist speech. The 2nd Amendment—gone! And they showed conservatives what they think about their 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, and 14th, at least, Amendment rights.

The Democrats, with the tacit approval of some Republicans, took political prisoners following a fake insurrection of Jan. 6th. And they’ve also violated the rights of many conservative Americans for simply attending a peaceful political rally.


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