Legally Armed Woman Stops Mass Shooting, Kills Shooter

Joe Biden and the anti-gun rights/anti-self-defense Democrats want to implement severe gun restrictions against law-abiding gun owners, motivated by the horrific shooting in Uvalde, Texas. But a recent incident in Charleston, WV provides a clear example of why Americans’ Second Amendment rights are so crucial.

Last week, according to WOWK 13 News, people at a graduation/birthday party had complained to a man about speeding in the apartment complex parking lot where kids were playing. After a short time, the man, later identified by police as Dennis Butler, 37, returned armed with an AR-15 and began shooting into the crowd.

Fortunately, one partygoer was legally carrying a handgun. As Lieutenant Tony Hazelett, of the Charleston Police Department, described, “Instead of running from the threat, she engaged with the threat and saved several lives last night.”

Lt. Hazelett continued. “She was lawfully carrying a firearm and stopped a threat. There was a graduation party… with kids so obviously someone just graduated high school and we could have had a [mass] casualty shooting.”

USA Today reported dozens of people were attending the party but, because of the woman’s quick, lethal actions, no other person was injured. Hazelett, who serves as the chief of detectives, said, “no charges would be filed against the woman.”

American Military News said without the woman’s actions it “could have led to a ‘mass casualty’ incident” with a crowd of 20-30 people at the party. AMN also reported the shooter had an extensive criminal history and apparently possessed the rifle illegally.

Oddly, American Military News used the incident to juxtapose the WV shooting with the Uvalde school shooting. Using preliminary reports, AMN inferred that while the WV woman immediately risked her life by engaging the shooter, the cops at the school didn’t engage that shooter, apparently, “because ‘they could’ve been shot.’” The inference being the cops were cowards.

By contrast, Brandon Tatum, host of The Officer Tatum Show, has been providing one of the most cogent, honest, and down-to-earth analyses of the Uvalde shooting to date, urging listeners not to jump to conclusions before all the information is known.

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