“Let’s Go Brandon!” How One Reporter’s “Mishap” Became a National Movement

One reporter’s “mishap” has turned into a national movement of blatantly insulting the President in a creative fashion. By now, you’ve seen or heard the new popular phrase, “Let’s Go Brandon!” chanted at many different events across the country.

It’s not really anyone’s fault that the reporter interviewing NASCAR winner Brandon Brown couldn’t — or wouldn’t — properly convey the phrase the crowd was chanting in the background that beautiful day on October 2.

The crowd is clearly chanting “F*** Joe Biden!” and the sound is drowning out the interview. The reporter attempts to stifle what sounds like a giggle before acknowledging the crowd’s chants.

“As you can hear the chants from the… the crowd,” she stumbles to recover, pausing to let the crowd fully chant the line, “F*** Joe Biden!”

She continues as if she heard, “Let’s Go Brandon!” and continues with the interview.

“Let’s Go Brandon!” has spurred many offshoots in the first month of its existence, making headlines across news outlets for a plethora of reasons. One leftist news outlet even attempted to spin it in their favor but instead was called out for their deception.

Donald Trump Jr. and Arthur Schwartz pointed out the Washington Post wrongfully claimed that a “F*** Joe Biden!” chant was actually a “Let’s Go Brandon!” chant at one of Trump Jr.’s September events. Except that they overlooked one critical fact in their fabrication — “Let’s Go Brandon!” was not yet a thing.

The leftist Washington Times has since condemned the phrase:

“‘Let’s go, Brandon’ has exploded on the right, arming cheeky conservatives with a deceptively innocuous cri de coeur that takes sarcastic swings at President Biden and the mainstream media without running afoul of technology censors.”

Well, of course, because the American right to free speech doesn’t exist in the world of liberals who wish to censor any and everything they disagree with. We are resilient and will always find a way to embrace our American rights!

Or perhaps the Washington Post is just salty after they were caught red-handed in a lie. Who knows.

No matter what they say, “Let’s Go Brandon” has gained major traction, inspiring a song titled “Let’s Go Brandon!” from a no-longer-unknown artist, Bryson Gray.

It became a #1 hit on the iTunes charts, pushing Adele’s new and highly anticipated song to #2. Several other songs of the same title also shot up to the top spots on iTunes as well, taking four of the top ten spots.

Last month, Florida Representative Bill Posey ended a speech with the phrase on the House floor. South Carolina Representative Jeff Duncan wore a mask donning the phrase on the House floor. On a conservative podcast, Texas Senator Ted Cruz said it’s “one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen.”

TikTok trends of the chant are now also a thing.


#fjb #letsgobrandon #merica #TreatiestCupContest #fyp

♬ original sound – 208usa

This past Friday, a Southwest pilot even signed off his last shift with the phrase.

In one moment, an unwitting reporter has armed freedom fighters with a powerful phrase that cannot be stopped, lest the powers that be reveal their tyranny.

What you hear is “Let’s Go Brandon!” but now it means, “F*** Joe Biden!” — a straightforward, censor-free way to exercise our First Amendment rights.

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