Liberty Village Raises Money By Honoring America’s Founding

United We Pledge is a non-profit organization that celebrates traditional American values of freedom, faith, and family. The organization is non-denominational and non-partisan. Members strive to be law and constitutional abiding citizens.

Marine veteran Tom Jones is an extreme athlete that is running 76 marathons in 76 days across the US. He is doing this to raise money for the new Liberty Village and promote patriotism across the country.

When asked why Jones was doing this, he said, ““I am willing to do this impressive physical and mental feat to bring awareness to this cause. What are you willing to do?”

The American Village, located in Alabama allows visitors to see recreations of our country’s historical buildings and interact with actors playing historical figures. The new Liberty Village will open in Washington County, which is known to be the gateway to 5 national parks. The run will conclude on July 2nd.

Jones’ route will officially connect American Village East to Liberty Village West.

Click here to donate to this patriotic cause.

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