Lightfoot Campaign Tries to Recruit Public School Students for Tough Reelection

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot

The fact that failed and disgraced Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot is running for reelection, intent on crushing what remains of the city, shows her lack of ethics—and self-unawareness.


According to the Wall Street Journal, “Mayor Lori Lightfoot is facing stiff competition from a large field of candidates in her re-election bid as Chicago struggles with public safety concerns and the lingering economic fallout of the Covid-19 pandemic.” A fallout assisted by insane CCP virus restrictions she imposed


The WSJ also reported, “Several wealthy neighborhoods have turned to private security patrols to address local concerns about crime. Ms. Lightfoot’s tenure also has been marked by repeated clashes with unions for teachers and police, contributing to low morale and departures from the police force. Early polling and surveys show her needing to fight to make it into the knockout round.”

With pressure mounting, Lightfoot’s campaign reportedly asked the city’s public school and city college teachers to “‘share with their students the opportunity to work on Lightfoot’s campaign for ‘class credit.’”

Chicago Public Schools Headquarters

Now, Lightfoot is distancing herself from her campaign’s “outreach.” Newsmax reported, “During her appearance on ‘The Sunday Show with Jonathan Capehart,’ Lightfoot said that in light of the Chicago mayoral election slated for Feb. 28, ‘one of our staffers reached out through publicly available information to [Chicago Public Schools] teachers and our city colleges. And that was just simply a mistake.’”

Anyone who thinks Lightfoot wasn’t in on the original idea, raise your hand. Good. Just a couple Dems in the back row.

Chicago Teachers Union

For those who believe Lightfoot didn’t know, CBS reported: “that officials with City Colleges of Chicago confirmed that Lightfoot’s campaign sent a similar email seeking student volunteers to its staff in August, resulting in multiple ethics probes.”

There is sufficient evidence that the failed mayor who has devastated Chicago livability and wants to continue her destruction is a congenital liar. She consistently lies, denying the city’s notorious culture of crime the Democrats perpetuate exists. Like in 2021, when she dared to assert crime “is on the decline…” even after a student was killed by a stray bullet.     

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