Lightfoot And The D.C. Dance Ban You Probably Did Not Hear About

Steve Pomper

Ever since March 2020, after the first two weeks of what appeared a legitimate health emergency to “flatten the curve,” I’ve been asking anyone to show me the asterisk or fine print in the Constitution that allows political leaders to eviscerate Americans’ God-given rights. This is not a frivolous or rhetorical question. This is serious. How are blue state governors and mayors getting away with this tyranny? Sadly, because too many Americans, traumatized by irrational fear, are letting them.

If you need any more examples of this abuse, look no further than in our nation’s capital, otherwise known as Fortress Washington. The dictator mayor of the federal district has found a constitutional right to forbid people from dancing at weddings. In this Footloose flashback, reported that Mayor Muriel Bowser is telling people planning a wedding they must “be seated.” No standing or dancing allowed.

Even a CNN reporter asked, “What good is a wedding without dancing?”

People like Bowser cannot seem to understand that this will all end one day, and history will judge them. It may take a while, but it will happen. No one currently in power believes they may lose their control one day or that they might be proven wrong. Even the greatest tyrants such as Stalin, Mao, and Hitler eventually suffered the wrath of history and continue to.

Now, the tyranny of blue city and state mayors and governors are not within the realm of those monsters. But even they had modest beginnings before their lies conspired with the historical circumstances which propelled them to ultimate tyranny over their populations.

Defending her anti-dancing pronouncement, feebly, Bowser touted her dance ban as a compromise for the “opening” of D.C. on May 1st. Bowser said, “Let me be clear: On May 1st we’re proud of our businesses that made conditions such that we could open up these facilities” (yeah, bowed to her whacko edicts). The mayor added, “You can have friends and family over, at hotels, and restaurants. You have to be seated.”

Oh, thank you, thank you, Madame Mayor Bowser the Magnificent. It is so generous of you to grant rights you do not possess to the people it is your constitutional duty to serve. How does that work?

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