Lightning Strike Hits George Floyd Mural Causing The Wall To Come Tumbling Down

A mural depicting the face of George Floyd was struck by lightning and collapsed into a heap of trash, local reports say. Toledo artist David Ross created the mural of Floyd after his death last year.

A witness reportedly told the Toledo Fire and Rescue that the mural was struck by lightning. WTOL reports that the Mayor of Toledo, Wade Kapszukiewicz told the press, “What we do know is that the mural will be replaced.”

Mayor Kapszukiewicz promised that the city “will work with the Arts Commission and the artist to make sure that a new mural can replace the old so that the message at the core of this artwork can be heard.”

The report states that David Ross promised to redo the mural of George Floyd.

Conservatives decided to weigh in:

Famous Conservative activist and Lincoln Fellow Jack Murphy tweeted, “Someone on the ground at the lightning strike on the George Floyd mural sent this in. Turns out the building was a “cop bar” so there’s an extra layer to the message from the sky being sent down ;)”

Canadian journalist Keenan Bexte wrote, “GOD COMMITS HATE CRIME: George Floyd mural gets smote by Heaven. Doppler radar shows a lightning blast at 4:30, destroying the whole thing.”

Newsmax reporter Emerald Robinson tweeted, “Today’s Proof That God Exists: The George Floyd mural in Toledo, Ohio was totally destroyed by a lightning strike last night.”


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