Lincoln Project Threatens Rudy Giuliani – Retract Your Claim Over Capital Riot: ‘Refuse at your peril’

The Anti-Trump organization Lincoln Project has declared war on former President Donald Trump’s personal attorney, Rudy Giuliani.

Giuliani alleged that the Lincoln Project was linked to the Jan. 6th riot at the U.S. Capitol.

Speaking on the “War Room: Pandemic” podcast Thursday, Giuliani repeatedly attributed the riot to Antifa extremists and the discredited Lincoln Project.

“If the case is mainly that he caused this — he caused the insurrection — then the defense is going to have to show that this thing was planned and that a lot of the people involved in the planning — Antifa, and then even some right-wing groups who are enemies of his — and that they were doing it in order to hurt him,” Giuliani said.

He added, “Including some right-wing groups that operate for the Lincoln Project or have been working with the Lincoln Project at various times.”

Pressed by Bannon to clarify what he meant by “some right-wing groups,” Giuliani then claimed someone who once “worked with the Lincoln Project” purposefully drew anti-Trump groups to the event “to blow this thing up.”

“One of the people who organized this is well known to have worked with the Lincoln Project in the past. One of the people involved brought in right-wing groups that opposed Trump, and he brought them in specifically to blow this thing up,” he said.

“He had the same motivation the Antifa people had. So it isn’t as if all these right-wing groups were all pro-Trump. And the biggest problems — violent problems — were caused by Antifa. That’s where the shooting took place. That was surrounded by all Antifa people. So how can [Trump] be held responsible for a whole thing that’s planned days before he’s going to speak that has a mixture of people that hate him and people that support him.”

BizPac Review reports,

When Bannon then asked Giuliani to name the alleged instigator who’s linked to the Lincoln Project, he stunningly brought Sen. Mitt Romney into the story.

“I don’t know if I can reveal his name, because we have that from anonymous sources. But he worked in the past for [Mitt] Romney,” he said.

Listen to his remarks starting from around the 36:36 mark below:

The Lincoln Project responded to the accusation by penning a letter threatening Giuliani with “peril” unless he retracts his statement and apologies publicly by Feb. 3th. The group, known for its grifting exploits, shared the letter to Twitter.

Ironically, the letter contained plenty of its own stunning accusations — accusations that could conceivably provoke a libel countersuit from Giuliani.

“You told your zealots what to do. They listened. They vandalized. They terrorized. They injured. They killed. You are responsible for an armed occupation of the U.S. Capitol and an insurrection against the United States,” the grifters’ attorney wrote.

“You are responsible for our nation’s first non-peaceful transfer of power since the Civil War. You are responsible for 140 injured Capitol Police. You are responsible for five dead Americans. You incited a riot on January 6th and then stood back to watch.”

Those were some remarkably incendiary accusations.

The letter then pivoted to Giuliani’s appearance on Bannon’s podcast.

“Rather than apologizing for your actions, you have spent the ensuing weeks deflecting blame and grasping for some way to explain your misconduct. You shamelessly muttered, for example, that your demand for ‘trial by combat’ before an angry mob on January 6th was merely a benign reference to a 2014 episode of, as you put it, ‘that very famous documentary’ Game of Thrones,” it reads.

“You will say anything to anyone who will listen, but even Fox News is reportedly unwilling to listen to you anymore. I can only assume that is why you recently found yourself appearing on Steve Bannon’s online ‘War Room: Pandemic’ program, of all places, to make a grievous error that you will come to regret.”

The letter concluded with the Lincoln’s Project’s attorney, Matthew T. Sanderson of Caplin & Drysdale, threatening “peril” unless Giuliani apologizes.

“You have until Wednesday, February 3rd to retract your statement fully and to apologize publicly to The Lincoln Project. Refuse at your peril. In the meantime, you are hereby notified that you should retain any and all documents, including emails and other electronic files, relating to this matter.”

Sanderson then threw in a personal dig.

“You will never again be America’s Mayor, but there may still be time to save some of the cash that you pawned your credibility for, should Dominion Voting Systems ultimately leave you with any,” he wrote.

Giuliani currently faces a $1.3 billion lawsuit from Dominion Voting Systems, though he’s not sweating it. In a statement last week, he celebrated the fact that the suit “will allow me to investigate their history, finances, and practices fully and completely.”

By Sunday morning, Giuliani had not yet responded to the Lincoln Project’s suit, though a response — likely a sternly worded one — was no doubt coming.

H/T BizPac Review

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