London Doctors Show Long Lasting Covid-19 Symptoms are Rare in Children

While pharmaceutical companies in the United States work to gain approval for vaccines for school-aged children, a group of scientists in London has compiled evidence indicating that long-term COVID-19 symptoms and effects are uncommon in children.

According to a BBC News report, scientists at King’s College London say that while a small group may experience prolonged illness, they were “reassured” that the number was low.

Doctors also have reported that children infected with coronavirus rarely have long-term symptoms, with the majority recovering in less than a week. The most common symptoms were only headaches and exhaustion.

A peer-reviewed study published in the journal Lancet Child and Adolescent Health sought to understand how Covid affected children and how it compared to other diseases. The study included 1,734 children aged five to seventeen who were reported to have developed symptoms and tested positive for Covid between the ages of five and seventeen.

Fewer than one in every twenty people with Covid had symptoms for four weeks or longer, with one in every 50 having symptoms for more than eight weeks.

The most commonly reported symptoms were headaches and tiredness, sore throat, and loss of smell; however, no reports of neurological symptoms such as fits, seizures, or death. Based on the research collected by medical doctors, the British government has decided not to immunize children under the age of 18.

Government officials in the United States, on the other hand, have acted in complete contrast to those in London. The Biden administration has been working around the clock with prominent social media platforms to scrub any “misinformation” about Covid-19 or alternative treatments that does not come from one of the government-sponsored institutions. Doctors throughout the United States have reported their independent reviews. However, elected officials have deemed any information that does not come from their handpicked spokesperson “disinformation.”

In April, YouTube removed a recording of a roundtable discussion on public health held by Gov. Ron DeSantis and health officials in March, claiming that the video “contradicts the consensus of local and global health authorities.”

The Biden administration’s decision to help work as partners of big tech companies and determination to censor their political opposition and professional doctors prove how much of the information we are fed is given with a predetermined narrative and agenda. When it comes to controlling the narrative, several major corporations, institutions, and politicians are involved somehow.

Even the American Academy of Pediatrics, which claims to be an organization dedicated to the health of all children, is heavily involved in response to Covid-19 among children and is even sponsored by none other than the controversial big pharmaceutical company Johnson and Johnson.

Because of these corrupted institutions and their efforts to silence concerned citizens, the vast majority of Americans now have a high level of distrust for these corporations. It is now up to the American people to seek and verify the information to determine what they believe to be true and speak out against unethical institutions while also rebuilding community awareness with local elected officials and peers.


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