Lori Lightfoot Denies Reality as McDonald’s Corporate HQ Flees Chicago’s High Crime

McDonald’s Flagship Store

After coffee giant Starbuck’s closed several stores across the nation, including five in its hometown of Seattle, due to crime concerns, how could any Democrat city leader deny that specific reason for businesses leaving a leftist-run city?

According to FOX Business, Chicago’s atrocious Mayor Lori Lightfoot is showing America how a sham politician rejects reality. “McDonald’s CEO Chris Kempczinski warned in a speech at the Economic Club of Chicago luncheon last week that it was time to ‘face facts’ and acknowledge that companies have been leaving the city over the past year due in part to rising crime.”

Chicago’s Disastrous Mayor Lori Lightfoot

Kempczinski added, “The fact is that there are fewer large companies headquartered in Chicago this year than last year. There are fewer this month than last month.” McDonald’s corporate HQ has called the Windy City home.

This brings up another unavoidable Seattle example. In 2001, as reported by KIRO 7 News, Boeing relocated its corporate offices from Seattle to Chicago due to inhospitable leftist, anti-business politics. Now, Boeing recently announced its fleeing Lightfoot’s Chicago for Arlington, Virginia, due to the city’s high crime under her “leadership,” as reported by CNBC earlier this year. 

Lightfoot, untethered from reality, admonished Kempczinski during a “post-City Council news conference.” She said, “I think what would have been helpful is for the McDonald’s CEO to educate himself before he spoke.” The CEO’s employees who’ve been victims of repeated burglaries, muggings, and stabbings have provided him with all the “education” he needed to make his decision.

Daily Caller reported, “Total violent crime complaints are up 37% over the last 12 months, according to Chicago Police Department crime stats. The Chicago crime rate is 3,926 per 100,000 people, which is 67% higher than the national average.”  

So, as corporations and small businesses flee the mayhem and carnage Lightfoot presides over, rather than fiddle like Nero as Rome fell, Lightfoot spouts inane excuses as Chicago falls.  

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