Majority of Americans Do Not Want Trans Females Competing Against Women

According to a recent Washington Post, University of Maryland poll, 55 percent of respondents are against trans women competing in high school girls sports. That number rose to 58% when asked about trans women competing in women’s college and professional sports. About 30 percent of respondents thought trans women should be able to compete. 15 percent had no opinion on the matter.

The poll comes out amidst a growing number of transgender athletes participate and dominate women’s sports. Louisiana was the latest state to join 17 others in banning transgender women and girls from competing on girls and women’s sports teams. The bill affects all public elementary and secondary schools and some private schools, as well as colleges in the state.

According to Townhall, when asked if transgender women have an advantage of the women and girls competing, 68 percent of people said yes. Two percent said biological girls would have an advantage. 30 percent thought neither of the athletes would have an advantage.

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