Male Birth Control Pills Developed at the University of Michigan Approach Human Testing Phase

The University of Michigan has developed a male birth control pill that is getting close to entering the human testing phase. The pills are reportedly 100% reversible and 99% successful in mice, according to Professor Gunda Georg, director of the Department of Medicinal Chemistry at the University. She claims the pills have been studied for decades and don’t influence hormones.

Georg stated that “When you have restrictions on abortions and worries about forms of contraception, then, of course, the need goes up, and so I think this comes at the right time. I think the interest in vasectomies also shows that men are going to be participating more than in the past, in helping with birth control.” She added, “I can tell you, I get emails — even today I got an email from someone who wants to participate in the clinical trial, so there’s a lot of excitement around it.” Additionally, Dr. Christian Hettinger of Kansas City Urology Care said that vasectomy interest has increased by 900% in the past month.

THV11 reports that this novel method of birth control briefly reduces male sperm counts to the point of infertility. It accomplishes this by suppressing the protein that typically aids in sperm production. YourChoice Therapeutics has obtained a license for the pills and will soon submit an application to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for permission to start a phase one safety trial in human males.

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