Man Accused of Writing N-Word and Swastikas at Emory University has Identity Revealed

On Wednesday, a black man was arrested in connection to vandalism at Emory University. The man, Roy Lee Gordon, Jr., was a former employee of Emerson University and was charged with second-degree burglary. He is the same man who drew swastikas and the N-word on the campus autism center in early August. The police mugshot was printed by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution and was the first time his race was publicly revealed.

In a report from one of the responding officers, the entrance glass door had been shattered, and the second and third-floor doors and vending machines had been vandalized. The graffiti spelled out the N-word as well as swastikas written in the hallways and on doors. There was no sign of forced entry in the offices and no fingerprints or tool marks.

Emory University knew the perpetrator’s race since early August but did not inform the campus community. This is unusual since most arrest warrants include the suspect’s race. The university had a new release on September 22nd and again did not reveal the suspect’s race. The College Fix online news publication filed many public records requests with Emory and local police stations to gather more information about Gordon. The police departments and law enforcement repeatedly declined to provide information or answer questions.

It is not hard for many to start making assumptions that this is just another hoax meant to showcase a ‘white supremacy’ agenda. We have seen things like this done before, from Jussie Smollett to Kayla-Simone McKelvey.

The College Fix reported, “Asked for a mugshot and information on what Gordon is accused of stealing, and what his possible motivation was for allegedly committing these acts, Emory spokesperson Gana Ahn told The College Fix on Thursday that, “Unfortunately, we are unable to share any additional details beyond what is in the statement.” Ahn also added that the university is not able to share personnel information or speculate on his intentions.

On Wednesday, the school put out a statement saying, “[Emory] continues to condemn “acts of racism and antisemitism.” Their statement continued, “…They will not be tolerated, and every effort will be made to bring the perpetrators to justice. Our priority remains the wellbeing and safety of our faculty, staff, learners, patients, and their families, and upholding our values and Emory’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion.”


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