Man who Claims to be Trans-Woman is Wanted for 5 Felony Counts of Indecent Exposure after Wi Spa Incident

Update in the shocking event where an exposed biological male walked into the private women’s only changing room at Wi Spa in Los Angeles and showed his penis to a group of women, including a minor. The mainstream media posed this incident as anti-trans harassment against the biological male instead of indecent exposure, as the women allege.

Andy Ngo, the editor with Post Millennial, the publication that broke the original story, reported for the NY Post that “on Monday, charges of indecent exposure were discreetly filed against a serial sex offender for the Wi Spa incident, following an investigation by the Los Angeles Police Department.”

Ngo reported that “sources with knowledge of the case but not authorized to speak publicly say four women and a minor girl came forward to allege that Darren Agee Merager was partially erect in the women’s section of Wi Spa.”

The report goes on to say that the Merager is a serial sex offender who is currently “facing multiple felony charges of indecent exposure over a separate incident in Los Angeles.”

The woman responsible for uploading the viral video showcasing her confronting the spa’s management about the exposed male in the women’s changing room held a press conference with her lawyer on July 7. Her lawyer said due to threats, she is choosing to remain anonymous but that the public can refer to her as Angel.

She described the incident to the public and explained that the spa legally told her they couldn’t kick the man out because California law doesn’t protect a biological woman’s right to privacy, even in women’s only sections.

Angel said, “We as women have rights to be safe in public spaces, and they are being violated by men.”

According to the NY Post, which obtained that Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department bulletin seeking more information about Darren Merager stemming from a 2018 arrest, the Wi Spa incident wasn’t the first time he exposed himself.

“Darren Merager was arrested on 12/30/2018 for an indecent exposure incident in which he exposed himself to women and children in the women’s locker room of West Hollywood Park,” the Sheriff’s bulletin read.

Merager claims to be a trans-woman and therefore legally allowed into the women’s only areas according to California law. Merager told the NY Post, “If you go into an area where you’re expected to be nude, there has to be an indecent exposure exemption.”

Sources inside the California law enforcement told the NY Post that “a warrant was issued in the Los Angeles County for the arrest of 52-year-old Darren Merager, of Riverside, California, based on five felony counts of indecent exposure in connection with the Wi Spa incident.”

Andy Ngo reported a press released by Los Angeles County saying the information provided supports his source’s information. LA County Police Department announced that “the investigation was presented to the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office for filing consideration, and Merager’s actions were deemed criminal.”


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