Man Uses his Sheep Herd to Pay Tribute to Late Aunt

A fifth-generation sheep farmer in Australia decided to go all out for his aunt, who had passed away from cancer. His aunt had lost her two-year battle, and due to current border restrictions and lockdowns, Ben Jackson couldn’t attend his aunt’s funeral.

“You feel a bit helpless on the farm. You want to be giving the family hugs and sharing the love,” said Jackson. So he did the next best thing and paid her tribute from afar in the most spectacular of ways.

And he got his cohort of sheep to help.

Not that it’s hard to get a sheep to do anything; it’s relatively easy given the right provocation. Jackson took advantage of that and laid their feed in a heart shape.

He took his drone to the sky to capture it all and let the sheep do the rest. The result was a beautiful display of love, the flock of sheep quickly racing to eat and creating a heart with their bodies.

From the air, it is a marvelous sight to see.

“My aunty loved coming down to the farm and poking around, so I just thought a heart for her would be very appropriate,” Jackson reminisced.



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