Manhattan Democrat DA Alvin Bragg Mocks American Criminal Justice System

The U.S. Constitution in the balance

According to the AP, “A Manhattan grand jury has voted to indict Donald Trump on charges involving payments made during the 2016 presidential campaign to silence claims of an extramarital sexual encounter, the first ever criminal case against a former U.S. president and a jolt to Trump’s bid to retake the White House in 2024.”

President Donald Trump

When Americans assess the unprecedented abuse of American equal justice with the fake indictment of a former president, two observations are helpful. Which side is talking in vague generalities, and which side in specifics? 

The Democrats, ironically, have deployed the platitude that President Donald Trump’s indictment shows “no one is above the law.” Republicans easily counter with a slew of Democrats who are obviously above the law: the Biden, Clinton, and Obama criminal organizations and their cargo shiploads of reported illegal activities. 

Even more directly, radical Soros-funded Alvin Bragg’s indictment conjured “crimes,” morphed state misdemeanors into federal felonies, disregarded that other courts declined to charge, and ignored statutes of limitations.

Greg Price tweeted, “Greg Price: Donald Trump has been indicted by the Manhattan grand jury. Last year, Alvin Bragg lowered 52% of all felony charges to misdemeanors. But now he chose to elevate a misdemeanor past the statute of limitations to a felony to indict Trump.” 

The Democrats relied on Biden’s state media outlets who also dutifully, if unoriginally, also cried, “no one is above the law.” The Republicans responded with law professors such as Georgetown’s Jonathan Turley and Harvard’s legendary, liberal Alan Dershowitz. Both have shredded any argument this indictment is anything but an embarrassing attempt to eliminate Joe Biden’s chief political opponent, Donald Trump, from the 2024 presidential election.




Gov. Ron DeSantis, a possible primary opponent of Trump’s, immediately tweeted Florida would not participate in any Trump extradition with New York. And he offered the former President his support. “The weaponization of the legal system to advance a political agenda turns the rule of law on its head. It is un-American.”

Charlie Kirk tweeted President Trump’s statement on this political catastrophe that may propel him back into the White House but is also devastating the American justice system.  



And despite promises to “unite” Americans, Biden has chosen “no comment” over calling out one of the most egregious abuses of the criminal justice system in American history.

Joe Biden

Biden could have helped calm a nation frightened that the Democrats have guillotined its equal justice legacy, but he didn’t. 


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