Marjorie Taylor Greene Back From Twitter Suspension And Not Backing Down

Republican Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene is back online Tuesday morning after a 12-hour suspension of her Twitter account.

Twitter accused her of spreading disinformation regarding the coronavirus vaccine, punishing her with a half day’s suspension from their platform.

Greene certainly had something to say when she was free from Twitter “jail” and back online. “American social media company Twitter banned me for 12 hrs, censoring me, & violating my freedom of speech.

You know who else silences, censors, and bans people they don’t like and want heard.

  • Communist China
  • Communism is not good @Twitter
  • Save America Stop Communism!”

What did the Georgia Republican tweet that was suspension-worthy?

On July 18, she retweeted Dr. David Samadi’s tweet, “In the United Kingdom, 47% of new COVID-19 cases are vaccinated people,” with her own caption, “This is why no entity should force NON-FDA approved vaccines or masks.

Instead help people protect their health by defeating obesity, which will protect them from covid complications & death, and many other health problems. We should invest in health, not human experimentation.”

MTG tweet

A day later, she again retweeted someone else’s tweet with her own caption.

This time, the original tweet is a 3 part thread from fellow Representative Thomas Massie, addressing the possibility of compulsory vaccination in the military. He’d received communication from a military member and shared it publicly.

Massie’s tweet begins, “Just received this from someone in the military regarding possible compulsory COVID vaccines:

‘Good evening, Congressman. Just thought I’d pass word that >15% of the officers at my command will either retire early or resign their commissions if the mandate is given.’ ”

Greene’s retweet of Massie’s post included her personal response, “The controversial #COVID19 vaccines should not be forced on our military for a virus that is not dangerous for non-obese people and those under 65. With 6,000 vax-related deaths and many concerning side effects reported, the vax should be a choice not a mandate for everyone.”

It’s worth mentioning that both of the original tweets she retweeted are still available online without any disclaimer.

Greene’s tweets, however, are not necessarily available from her profile page but are accessible if you have the link. They also come with a disclaimer warning the reader against misinformation. The mobile version of Twitter does not openly display the content on her profile landing page, while the desktop version seems to be all-inclusive.

This is technically her third suspension this year; the first occurred back in January, before Twitter’s new suspension rules.

The suspension, claims Twitter, were for posts that they say included false claims about widespread voter fraud in Georgia in both the November election and the January 5 Senate runoffs, as well as a series of tweets that repeated more election fraud claims, calling Georgia’s elections officials “morons.”

“Morons like you are responsible for losing GA’s 2 Republican Senate seats. You ran a Nov 3rd election that was stolen bc you idiots at the SOS mailed out millions of absentee ballots to any one and everyone while GA was an open state. Then you counted ballots on Dominion.”

The tweet comes with a disclaimer “This claim of election fraud is disputed, and this Tweet can’t be replied to, retweeted, or liked due to a risk of violence.”

The second suspension happened in April, to which Twitter wrote it off as a mistake in their automated system.

“Everyone knows that’s a LIE, and it was no mistake,” tweeted Greene afterward.


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