Marvel Writer Encourages Fans to Burn Kenosha After Trial Verdict

Dylan Park, an up-and-coming Marvel comic writer, wrote a tweet inciting violence in Kenosha. 

In a now-deleted tweet, Park wrote,With a verdict near, Governor Tony Evers said that 500 National Guard members would be prepared for duty in Kenosha if local law enforcement requested them. Burn that mfer to the ground.”

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The judge in the Rittenhouse case has been sent death threats and been accused of being a KKK member.

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Park tweeted about the judge, “I would not be surprised in the least if this judge had white robes in his closet too.”

It appears Park has a pattern of lashing out at municipalities. Last week, he tweeted a photo of trash cans with spilled garbage. He claimed someone needed to get “their ass beat” for the crime of spilling the trash.

Park claims that he was in the military from 2004-2010. According to The Moth, “He served as a member of a U.S. Air Force Special Operations Security Forces Squadron that deployed to locations all over the world, including Iraq.” He claims his military experience is what helped him work at Marvel.

Back in September, Park lashed out at critics of Marvel’s Shang-Chi. He called people “racist incels” for daring to claim the movie flopped.

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