Massive Protests Around the World Erupt as Countries Mandate 'Vaccine Passports' and Lockdowns

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As countries attempt to become more restrictive in their COVID policies, their citizens are taking to the streets to express their extreme discontent that their freedom is unrightfully being taken away.

From lockdowns and mask mandates to forced vaccination and “freedom passes,” the world’s citizens have had enough.

There are 45 countries and 120 cities currently protesting their governments and their tyrannical approach to “keeping people safe.”

Australia has been making the front page in media outlets, but they are not alone. India, France, Italy, and Greece, have also seen massive protests, just to name a few. And not every country even has the right to conduct these protests.

“One needs prior permission from the concerned authority to hold any protest,” said an official in Dimapur, India.

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A “Freedom Rally” was planned for July 24 in multiple cities throughout India; a worldwide event against Covid restrictions, mandatory vaccination, mask mandates, and Covid testing.

Awaken India Movement (AIM) planned the protests for Saturday in cities including Kohima and Dimapur in solidarity with those worldwide.

Protesters in Dimapur and Kohima were seen with signs saying, “High court directed ramping up of covid testing and not ramp up mandatory vaccination

  • Mandatory vaccination is tyranny
  • No more lockdowns. It has brought poverty and hunger
  • Vaccinating cannot guarantee safety of one’s life
  • WHO says masks are not for healthy people.”

The 200 person protest in Kohima was short as their request to protest was rejected. They took to the streets anyway. Leaders were reportedly happy about the outcome regardless of its abrupt end.

In Dimapur, protesters were dispersed, but those who wished to remain and hold a mass prayer were allowed to do so. At least for a little while before they, too, were forced to leave by local authorities.

Protests in India continued on Sunday by the Telangana unit at Dharna Chowk in Hyderabad. Protesters are seeking ‘freedom from lockdown’ and demanded that the government look for alternatives that would save lives and livelihoods. India is echoing the cries of the world.

More than 160,000 took to the streets in France over the weekend as well. France recently pushed forward on their legislation to approve a vaccine passport to eat in restaurants, see a movie at a theater, or visit any public indoor location.

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Though citizens became proactive in their demand for freedom, the French “health pass” was partially approved. The lower house of parliament cleared it on Friday and passed it over to legislation for debate on Saturday, hence the protests.

Italy faces a similar situation, as their “green pass” was approved by Prime Minister Mario Draghi’s government on July 22. The pass will go into effect on August 6.

The “green pass” will be awarded to those who have been vaccinated, undergone a negative coronavirus test, or have recovered from a coronavirus infection. In Rome, Naples, and Turin, chants of “freedom”, and “down with the dictatorship” could be heard filling the streets.

Protesters in Genova (known as Genoa to Americans) were wearing yellow Star of David badges like scarlet letters, announcing they are “unvaccinated.” An estimated 80+ Italian cities participated in the protests.

Their European neighbor, Greece, continued to display their unrest on Saturday, with over 4,000 people attending the protest.

An unnamed police official said that some protesters had thrown petrol bombs, prompting the police to respond with tear gas. This is Greece’s third protest against their government for mandating vaccines for healthcare workers.

Australians held their protests as nearly half their country has already been on a lockdown in response to a slight rise in cases. The greater Sydney area has been on lockdown for the past four weeks. Residents are allowed to leave only if they have a reasonable excuse.

While officials are attempting to paint the protesters as selfish, the lockdown was put in place for a mere 176 cases. 

One protester shared his feelings, “We don’t give a f*** mate, this lockdown is killing us.”

Not only is it affecting people on a mental health level, but it is also killing people’s livelihoods, as they are not able to move about freely and make the income they need to survive.

“I’m against lockdowns, they’re killing my business,” said another protester, who was wearing a face shield. Though he wasn’t protesting mask-wearing, he was present to protest the lockdowns themselves.

A protester in Victoria held up a great reminder on her poster, “Freedom is never voluntarily given by the oppressor, it must be demanded by the oppressed. -Martin Luther King, Jr.”


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