McCarthy Begins Damage Control Over Tucker Carlson Comments

Combined Shape
Combined Shape

On Tuesday, Kevin McCarthy joined Fox & Friends and downplayed the recent comments made against him by Tucker Carlson. Monday evening, Carlson made remarks regarding his living with pollster, Frank Luntz, this past year. McCarthy attributed Luntz, and his friendship with him, to be overly sensationalized and “didn’t know how this was controversial.”

Carlson described Luntz as “effectively, a Democrat” and essentially an unofficial lobbyist for giant leftist corporations like Google, despite being heavily connected to the leadership in the Republican party.

“Luntz lobbies. He’s not a registered lobbyist, but he lobbies on behalf of some the world’s most left-wing corporations. A lot of people do that. Here’s the interesting thing about Frank Luntz, at the same time he’s doing that, he also advises the leadership of the Republican Party… Frank Luntz works for Google and Nike and Delta Airlines, among many others.”

In McCarthy’s response to Tucker’s Monday segment, he blamed his choice of renting a room from Luntz on the Democrats “changing the House around” after they “took over.” He remarked that he had only rented a room from him for a few months and “at fair market rate,” but he has since returned to his “couch in [his] office.”

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Interestingly, however, in Carlson’s segment, his team had inquired with McCarthy’s spokesperson and was told that “because of the pandemic, McCarthy has rented a room in Washington at a fair market price from Frank.”

McCarthy, in his response, failed to mention anything about the pandemic harming his traditional accommodations, and as Tucker points out: “What did the coronavirus pandemic have to do with [his] choice of apartments?” Furthermore, according to Tucker, Luntz’s apartment’s “fair market price” would be $5,000 each month based on its locale.

Tucker begs the question: “Is Kevin McCarthy paying $5,000 every month to Frank Luntz?” and if he is not, Tucker notes that such is “likely violating House Ethics rules on taking gifts.” Tucker concludes by noting that McCarthy masquerades as an advocate for Republican voters and their values, but his close relationship and choice of housemates describe a very different person. One that would rather snuggle with the swamp than one who stands by his convictions.

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