Media Gaslights America with “Climate Change” Hurricane Narrative

Destruction from Hurricane Ian

Gaslighting by a leftist, activist media is epidemic. While “climate change” has nuance and degrees regarding its impact on the Earth, Democrat state media reports on it as if it’s a given. They often even despicably conscript the abhorrent “Holocaust denial,” calling people who question leftist “climate change” orthodoxy “climate deniers.”

Climate Extortion

This phenomenon was on display during the recent coverage of Hurricane Ian, which devastated many Florida communities. They report connections between hurricanes and human-caused “climate change” as if it’s settled science when it is anything but settled. 

According to Jarrett Stepman at The Daily Signal, “As Florida deals with the cleanup from Hurricane Ian, media outlets have peddled the idea that this tragedy is the result of climate change.”

Stepman noted some Democrat pundits argued for denying federal aid to Florida because some of its politicians voted against their “green energy” legislative America-crushing monstrosities. The New York Times printed a story alluding to a fabricated connection between opposing “Major Climate Laws” but then “Seeking Storm Aid.” 

The times took that step too far, saying “climate change” “is making hurricanes more powerful and destructive” because of “fossil fuels.” Radio host Erick Erickson pointed out that the legislation Democrats and media allies are referring to is called the “Inflation Reduction Act.” Erickson tweeted it “wasn’t really an act to reduce inflation, New York Times?”


Stepman reported, Democrats suggested the increasing frequency and intensity of hurricanes is “a media creation… [because] it appears that there has been a slight decline in major hurricanes making landfall in the United States in the past century.”


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