Meta Announces the Opening of Physical Store on Facebook Campus

The parent corporation of Facebook, Meta, is launching its first physical store. On May 9, the shop will open on the company’s campus in Burlingame, California. The Big Tech platform will use it to market a variety of items Meta plans to use to access its version of the metaverse. 

According to the Washington Examiner, the 1,550-square-foot store will display some of Meta’s AR and VR items, including the Meta Quest 2 headset, Ray-Ban sunglasses with built-in cameras, and the Portal video-call system. The shop will also provide customers the chance to test out the company’s numerous applications and games, as well as a “demo wall” that will show off the VR experience to others viewing when a user is wearing the Quest 2. 

Meta hasn’t said if it plans to extend its physical storefronts beyond the one location or what other items would be offered. The company is attempting to extend its business operations both in the real world and in the metaverse. In a pilot experiment, the business stated that influencers on its Horizon Worlds VR platform will be able to sell virtual items in some cases.

Head of the Meta store Martin Gilliard stated in a blog post, “Once people experience the technology, they can gain a better appreciation for it. If we did our job right, people should leave and tell their friends, ‘You’ve got to go check out the Meta Store.’”

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