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Miami City Manager Promised Police Chief Art Acevedo Will Be Fired in a Statement Announcing his Suspension

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Miami City Manager Art Noriega sent a statement announcing that Chief of Police Art Acevedo is suspended and will be permanently let go following the procedures in the city’s charter. Noriega cited the termination was for the “untenable” relationship between Miami City management and their vocal critic, Chief Acevedo.

Noriega said Chief Acevedo is no longer “the right fit” for the Miami Police Department (MPD), and “it is now time to move forward with the search for new leadership at MPD.” He announced Miami’s Assistant Chief, Manny Morales, will take Chief Acevedo’s position until his permanent replacement is found.

At the time of Acevado’s appointment to Chief of Police, Noriega hoped Acevedo would bring his experience in the multi-cultural city of Houston, Texas, and apply it in Miami. “Chief Acevedo promises to be a change agent for the city in terms of policing and law enforcement, and his track record speaks to that,” said City Manager Noriega just six months ago. “He brings the leadership, experience, and community-focused approach needed to manage this critical role for our city.”

The news comes after Chief Acevedo claimed Miami was a corrupt city that needed cleaning out. According to several sources to Yahoo News, “The chief called Miami a corrupt city during that meeting and said he could cure it if he were permitted to bring in the right people. He also complained that commissioners were eliminating several senior-level positions to stop his plan. The usually boisterous staff was stone silent after the chief’s outburst.”

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